Melee Diamonds

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Melee Diamonds: Precision & Brilliance

Amirah Diamonds proudly presents a curated selection of melee diamonds calibrated to international standards. Our melee diamonds shine as beacons of quality and precision, setting the industry benchmark for cut and symmetry.

With complete control over the production process, from rough to polished diamonds, we guarantee unwavering consistency in clarity, cut, color, and diameter. Our commitment to ethical sourcing is paramount, as we procure rough diamonds from renowned suppliers worldwide, ensuring the highest standards in every facet.

Explore our melee diamonds, calibrated to perfection, and elevate your jewelry creations to new heights of brilliance.

Sieving and Sorting

Elevate your jewelry and watch creations with melee diamonds tailored to your specific requirements. Our precision ranges from 0.05mm to 0.10mm, ensuring every gem meets your exacting standards.

Quality Check

Our experts meticulously inspect each melee diamond, guaranteeing flawless cuts, top-tier color (D-E-F), and exceptional clarity (IF-SI). Elements checked include girdle, tips, symmetry, and cut to ensure your order is pristine.

Secured Delivery

Experience next-day delivery within Europe, USA, UK, and the Middle East, or receive your order within 4-5 working days.

For deliveries to countries not listed above, kindly reach out to us.


Upon request, we can provide GIA or IGI certification of our melee diamonds to our clients.

Our collection

Luxury Collection

Clarity: IF-VVS

Colour: D-F

Our exquisite collection promises to ignite the fire and brilliance in your high-end jewelry pieces. Impeccable, flawless, and as radiant as a star.

$875 - $1000 /ct

Colourless Eye Clean

Clarity: VVS-VS

Colour: D-F

Our colorless, eye-clean collection boasts minimal flaws and captivating white brilliance. The exceptional cut quality enhances the luster, ensuring an unparalleled level of quality.

$700 - $850 /ct

Colourless SI

Clarity: VS-SI

Colour: D-F

Prepare to witness your high-end jewelry pieces ablaze with the brilliance and fire of our exquisite collection. Impeccable, flawless, and as radiant as the stars themselves

$600 - $750 /ct

Colourless SI

Clarity: VS-SI

Colour: G-H

Same impeccable quality and brilliance as our D-F diamonds in our exquisite G-H collection. Elevate your high-end jewelry with these flawless, radiant gems.

Price: $500 - $650 /ct